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We recognize good nutrition has a positive effect on good health and well-being, and therefore it is our mission to provide reasonably priced, nutritious meals to our customers and the community at large, throughout all of our locations in a caring and customer-friendly environment. In addition, we are committed to assisting in educating our customers to adopt a more nutritious lifestyle through nutrition education.

Our Food4Life® initiative, supported by our Nutrition and Wellness Department, focuses on proper eating habits and lifestyle changes. With obesity reaching epidemic proportions, along with the increasing onset of Type 2 Diabetes, our organization feels strongly that it is our social responsibility to make a positive impact on our customers. Our initial effort replaced trans-fats in our potato products with healthier alternatives. We have been 100% trans fat free since September of 2008. Well-planned and well-implemented nutrition programs have been shown to positively influence eating habits. Taher Food Service is proud to play an important role in providing customers with nutritious meals each work day.

Our mission and commitment is to provide high quality, fresh, wholesome foods and nutritionally - balanced and appealing menu selections to every customer. To this end, we will strive to offer food products which are minimally processed. We believe this allows our customers to increase the consumption of natural fibers and other natural ingredients while decreasing caloric intake, saturated fat, trans fat, added sugars and artificial ingredients.

To help our customers understand individual responsibility and make informed decisions, one of our specific goals is teaching proper eating habits, which reinforce the belief of moderated consumption in all food groups. In our units, our chefs offer classes on healthy food preparations and healthy eating habits; whereas in our schools, chefs go directly into classrooms and cafeterias.

We constantly seek new recipes and products that mirror our commitment for culinary excellence by combining nutrition and taste. All of our products meet strict nutrition guidelines which include the use of only non-hydrogenated oils in our fryers, the elimination of trans-fats and the reduction of products containing high fructose corn syrup as a primary ingredient.We incorporate fresh, regionally-grown fruit or produce, natural products, and unprocessed and preservative-free foods whenever feasible.We encourage the consumption of fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains-such as wild rice, barley, quinoa, couscous and brown rice, in their natural forms.Our Café menus are developed by a group of Food Service Directors and Chefs selected for their expertise and experience with our Health and Wellness programs, Farm to Cafeteria initiative, andHarvest of the Month programs.Our menus are analyzed for nutrient balance and each of our recipes meets our stringent standards promoting the well-being of our customers.